Services Provided By John Warren Electronic Repairs

Repair Services For Industrial Electronics

John Warren Electronics specialises in a workshop based repair service of printed circuit boards (pcbs), small pieces of industrial electronic equipment, speed controllers (inverters), electronic instruments (temperature controllers), power supplies, refrigeration cards and agricultural cards. The company can repair obsolete units thereby avoiding the necessity of replacing entire pieces of equipment.
After initial contact via telephone, fax or e-mail collection and delivery arrangements can be made via post or courier. The company currently receives items from all parts of Ireland and can operate to tight deadlines when necessary.

Case Study

A number of Irish companies (e.g. Slattery Dairy & Refrigeration, O'Connell Bros., Express Cooling, Nationwide Dairy Services) routinely send temperature controllers (Alfa Laval AC80 and all PCV units, Westfalia units etc.) for repair. Units are delivered and returned via courier along with details of repair as required by the customer.
Turnaround times of 24 hours can be achieved for urgent cases thereby minimising downtime on the specific piece of equipment.

Design Services For Electronic Systems

John Warren Electronics has been involved in the design of a number of electronic systems for the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and agricultural industry. These projects have ranged from installation of small product detection systems (e.g. retro fitting sensors for monitoring product on line) to complete stand-alone units incorporated into production systems (e.g. print monitoring on-line quality systems).
Design projects will usually involve an on-site visit to develop the project scope and generate a quote. Project timelines can be modified to fit in with production schedules thereby minimise machine downtime and optimising efficiency in the design process. Templates and prototypes can be tested in the workshop environment thereby minimising actual time spent on site.

Case Study

John Warren Electronics designed a mobile cleaning-in-place skid for the automated washing of bulk mobile storage bins and fluid bed driers for GSK Dungarvan. This system incorporates a HMI unit and Siemens S7 plc to completely automate the cleaning process by working through a series of pre-programmed steps. Alarms, interfaces and emergency stop procedures are all incorporated as part of the design brief. Full supporting documentation was also provided (Functional Design Specification, Circuit Drawings, User Manuals).

Documentation Services

With all projects full documentation is provided. At the start a functional design specification (FDS) is created in consultation with the customer. At the end of the project a User Manual is supplied which includes the operation description of the machine, full electrical/pneumatic circuit diagrams, PLC programs, Part lists and simple troubleshooting guide .Lots of old equipment have manuals that are very dated with many handwritten corrections and comments. We have in the past updated manuals to include all changes to the equipment and supplied soft copies for the customer.

Case Study

John Warren Electronics was recently involved in designing a vision system for a tablet bottling line i.e. a system verifying that lot and expiry information had printed on the underside of each unit along with a reject system for removing defective products. Included in the job specification was the development of supplier validation documentation for the computerised system including equipment lists, circuit diagrams and the functional design specification document. We also had input into the User Requirement Specification at the design stage of the project.

Installation Services For Electronic Equipment

John Warren Electronics can provide an expert installation service for electronic equipment.
There is always a need, in industry, to modify equipment thereby improving efficiency, maximising output and streamlining production operations. Upgrading equipment can involve integrating and interfacing different pieces of equipment seamlessly. Installation of items from different suppliers and combining units of different ages can be a challenge!
We can offer an expert installation service for these types of scenarios. Upgrading equipment to modernise it can involve replacing or adding sensors, controllers, power supplies and other small instrumentation devices. These types of installation avoid the need for replacing expensive equipment and therefore can often result in a cost-effective solution especially for small to medium sized companies.
We can offer an installation service to facilitate these types of equipment modification. In many cases we will work with you and all of the equipment manufacturers and suppliers involved.

Case Study

John Warren Electronics was the consultant used for the installation of a PlantMaster Manufacturing Execution System (MES) supplied by Barco into a major pharmaceutical plant. This involved interfacing the MES system with over 50 separate pieces of production equipment supplied by various manufacturers (Glatt, IMA, IWKA, Courtroy, Pester, Killian, Falcon etc.). All machines were fitted with a controlled unit to monitor production parameters, down time and fault conditions. Information collected was fed to a central server for analysis. Data collected is used to feed into PEMAC routines and to modify production parameters and processes.

Electronic Component Sourcing Services

After twenty years in the business John Warren Electronics has built up a huge knowledge of suppliers and services available both in Ireland and throughout Europe. The company has links with a number of major equipment manufacturers (Ima, Barco, Glatt, IWKA, Laetus, Courtroy, Pester, Bosch and Farcon).
John Warren Electronics can also find electronic components that are either obsolete or difficult to source. We can also help to find an alternative electronic component if the specific item you require can simply not be located. Our supply base is worldwide (US, Japan, Europe).

Case Study

John Warren Electronics was recently approached by an Irish company who were having difficulty repairing a number of plc microprocessor control cards. These cards were obsolete and there was minimal circuit information available for them. We were able to locate a company in the US to help with a successful result - all of the cards were repaired and the equipment is up and running!

Electronic Systems Training Services

Do you want to train your own staff in equipment problem solving. Would it be of benefit to you if your staff understood basic electronic / electrical systems e.g. how to read a circuit diagram, how to use a multimeter. Your company probably has very specific equipment - we can tailor a training course to ensure that your Maintenance Staff understand the basics of how that equipment works and what is likely to go wrong!
This type of training will involve a site visit by one of our engineers to review your equipment and determine the skill level of the Trainees and your training objectives. We will then design a training course that meets your needs that can be delivered on your site. This type of training could have many long term benefits when there is a problem

Case Study

John Warren Electronics was asked by a large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to train its Mechanical Fitters with respect to basic electrical theory. The concept was to ensure that a Fitter (on shift rota) could perform basic investigation and be capable of reading a circuit diagram in the event of an electrical/ electronic problem. This would ensure that a problem could be tackled efficiently saving machine downtime. A training manual was also provided as part of the project.